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April 2015
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Basketball games, in Nome, Alaska

On Friday 2/10/2012, the Koyuk Malimiut high school girls went to Nome, Alaska to play the Nome Junior Varsity. They lost their first game by 4 points, and the second by 2 points. Even though they lost Amy says, “This trip was fun.”
They traveled around Nome in a bus and ate out twice. The girls went to Golden China, and Milano’s. After their game they would go to the stores and buy Gatorade or other things they needed.
The girls that played were:
-Maxine K.
-Renee K.
-Linda K.
-Corey S.
-Amanda H.
-Tristen D.
-Jeanae D.
-Hilda N.
-Heather H.
-Amy C.
The coach: Melissa D.
On the first game Koyuk was ahead by usually 6 points, then Nome caught up and then they got into overtime. Nome then had to shoot 2 shots on the free throw line, and made one of them. On the second game Nome was ahead and Koyuk caught up, and lost in the last few seconds. They were really exciting games! Amanda H says, “One of the best basketball trips ever because we almost beat a 3A team!!”

-Amanda H.

Ski Season Starting!!(:

With fresh snow, and eager students ready to learn to ski, the Skiing Season has started! The school provides ski equipment and a ski coach. These students that joined will be prepared to race against other teams in the ski meets. Everyday, afterschool the coach assigned the skiers to come to practice. Skiing takes a lot of talent. March 10th, 2012 is the date of the Ski Meet and Biathlon in Koyuk. Championships will take place in White Mountain, on March 17th, 2012. Skiing is a fun, breathtaking sport. For the kids/students that will want to join, I encourage you to.



Brianna N.(:


Koyuk High School Boys vs. White Mountain High School Boys

Koyuk Boys vs. White Mountain Boys

The High School White Mountain boys went to Koyuk and played against the Koyuk Boys. Their first game was on Friday the 20th of January. Robert Charles, number 30, said, “The starting five were, Joshua #14, AJ #34, Robert #30, Robin #10, and William #32. For the first half of the game, Koyuk was ahead. The second half was devastating because the White Mountain Boys won by three points. The score was 51-48.
On Saturday the 21st, the same boys started. The Koyuk Boys got the jump ball. Josh on Koyuk team made the first point. In the first half of the game Koyuk was ahead by 10 points. The second half of the game, Koyuk slightly fell apart, but then they won by four points. The score was 56 for the Koyuk boys and White Mountain was 52.
Both of the teams worked very hard, and had fun during the games. The Koyuk crowd really cheered hard for both of the teams.

Parent Teacher Conference

The school regularly holds conferences displaying  students’ progress. Most recently it happened on Thursday February 2nd in the school.  Parents were welcomed to admire their student’s hard work and talk with the teachers. Approximately ninety-seven percent of all students had arrived. Mr. Weemes and the whole school were very proud about the attendance.  Instead of the usual conferences at the end of the quarter, we had this conference at the middle of the quarter. Thus, this gave the students an advantage to bring their grades up before the end of the quarter.

-Linda Annette

Koyuk Boys vs. Teller Boys Basketball

The Koyuk Malimiut High School basketball team went up to Teller, Alaska. First, we arrived at the school, then we put all of our luggage into the gym. Then we shot around on their basketball rim to get used to it during the game. Kyle suggested that we go to the store. Kyle, Josh, AJ, William, Cole, Ben, Austin, and Robin all agreed to go. Willy spent all of his money at the store. The game started at seven o’ clock and ended around nine o’ clock. Josh was the main scorer for Koyuk. The rest of the team scored about the same with Josh. We tried to run a couple of plays, but the Teller Boys’ defense was too good for us. The score was 47 Koyuk, 70 Teller. After the game, we went back to our room and talked about what we could improve on. We fixed our beds and got some rest for our game.
On Saturday, our game was at twelve o’ clock and ended around one o’ clock. The score was 30 Koyuk, and Teller had 63. We went back to our room and discussed our plans for our next game. The plane supposed to be at Teller to pick us boys up around three o’ clock. When we looked out the window, we barely can see across the road. Kyle said we might be storm bound, and sure enough, we were. So we had to wait another day to go home. So we went and shot around in the gym and chill. Kyle was happy because he got to play in Teller’s City League. We had a snack that Jeff prepared for us. We went to our room and slept. Kyle, Cole, Robin, and me went to the store for our last time. When we arrived, we had about twenty minutes before our plane came. All of us were very happy that we are going home. We got home about 45 minutes after we departed for Teller. I bet all of us went home and ate dinner. That’s the end of our basketball games against Teller.

Unalakleet Basketball Tournament

From January 25th to the 27th there was a basketball tournament in Unalakleet, AK. The teams that went to Unalakleet for the tournament are St. Mary’s boys and girls, Koyuk’s boys and girls, Elim boys, Golovin boys, Kotzebue boys. The first game was Koyuk boys against Elim boys. The Elim Eagles won the first game, and then Kotzebue and Golovin boys played. The first game the Koyuk girls got to play was against Unalakleet. Unalakleet won and they played St. Mary’s. St. Mary’s also lost to Unalakleet. The St. Mary’s boys and girls won the sportsmanship awards. The St. Mary’s girls also won first place. Then Unalakleet girls won second place. For the boys, Unalakleet won first then St. Mary’s won second.

Koyuk Girls Host a Home Game Against Shaktoolik Girls

Just last weekend the Koyuk Malimiut girls held a basketball game. The Shaktoolik Wolverine girls came to play against us. The starting five for our very own Koyuk girls were Maxine K, Corey S, Renee K, Jeanae D, and Linda K. The starting five for the Shaktoolik team were Shannon A, Heather J, Jessie P, Cheri I, and Flora I. The first game was close, but the Shaktoolik girls were really good. They won by ten points, 37 to 27. It was a very disappointing game for Koyuk but at least every girl on the Koyuk team got to play. In the end of the first game we were happy, but at the same time disappointed that we lost. But you know what they say, we learn from our mistakes. So the next game we knew exactly when and where to defend them, how to steal the ball faster, and not to make too many fouls. So in the end we won the game against Shaktoolik. It was a very close game, the Shaktoolik girls did a very good job. The game was rather interesting also, we won by seven points. The score during the second and last games were really interesting, 57 to 50 was the score. People from Shaktoolik even came to Koyuk to watch them play!

Koyuk Black and Gold Dual Meet

The Black & Gold Dual Meet!

The Black and Gold Dual Meet in Koyuk was very exciting for the wrestlers and the audience that was watching them. First of all the dual meet was where one big group of people split up into two groups. One was the black team and the other was gold. They wrestled against each other to see which group would win.

The Dual Meet was with other sites in the BSSD region such as; Shishmaref, Gambell, Elim, Brevig Mission, Shaktoolik, and Koyuk. One of the matches that was exciting for us was Elena from Gambell vs. Anthoni Jr. from Koyuk. It was exciting to watch because it was a close match, and everybody was cheering for both of them and you can see how hard they were trying. At the end of their interesting match Anthoni Jr. won. The rest of everyone’s matches were thrilling to watch also as everybody in the crowd was cheering for them. Then after all the matches were done, we would see if either the Black or Gold Team won. It turned out that both teams tied with 56 points!

This is the first time there has been a dual meet in Koyuk and it was a great success!

-Jeanae D.

Halloween Fun!

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for students and others! Here at the Koyuk Malimuit School, students, parents, and Koyuk Residents gathered in the gym at 1:30pm for the Halloween Parade. The Halloween Parade started off with the newborn babies and ended with the adults. Everyone that attended had a good time and a few laughs. Thank you to the IRA and Beda Prentice, they gave out prizes to the first, second, and third place winners. After the parade was all done, most students waited for a chance at the piniats, which was available for K-12th grade. When, that was over, most of the kids got to have free time or watch a movie. Others had a class party! By the time it was over, school was out!

Subsistence in the Summer


How To Set A Fishing Net

Koyuk Alaska is a very beautiful town during the hot summer days. Around the month of May the sun starts to stay up all day. The Koyuk River is full of fish by June.  Everyone is out fishing with his or her boats and fishing nets. The fish travel with the tides morning and night. Usually it takes about two or three people to set the fishing net. The fishing net is from fifty to hundred feet long. Every fishing net has a different size mesh depending on what kind of fish you are fishing for. The most common mesh size around here in Koyuk is an inch and a quarter square cube.

Setting the nets, you will have to have your net organized in your boat. You have to make sure you have two anchors on each side of the net. Tie the end of the net so it connects to the anchor. Do this for both ends of the net. The anchor will hold the net in place in the river. The first anchor will be on the shore of the beach into the ground. Then we back up our boats so the net will drag out of the boat, setting itself into the river. There will be the float line on top and the lead line on the bottom. The float line helps keep the top of net the floating while the lead line sinks the net. This process allows the net to stretch wide from the top of the water, to the bottom catching the fish swimming by. When your net is all the way into the river the second anchor will be set out in the river. You will want to make sure that when your setting your net, the net is straight out from the beach.  Also, your net will catch fish better if the net is nice and tight straight.

After you are done setting your fishing net, pull up the the bank and sit and watch the fish try to fight their way out of the net.  Watch your float line on top of the water, and check if they are sinking. If they start to sink that means the fish is weighing down the net, and it’s time to check the net. You can start from any side of the end of the net. When you get to the net you will want to grab the float line and the lead line. The make your boat vertical with the net. Then stretch the float line and lead line apart from each other. Now at the same time you and your partner will pull the net at the same time., in the same direction. As you pull the net watch the water for fish caught in the net. As each fish makes its way into the boat, stop the boat an pull each fish out of the mesh. Now not every fish will be caught pretty good, so for a first time fishermen will probably take there time,  taking their fish out. Keep doing this process throughout the whole net until you have nothing to check anymore. Remember that you don’t have to pull out any of your anchor, until you have enough fish you need.

To pull the net, drive your boat out to the anchor that is in the river. When you have arrived to the anchor, grab the float line and pull the anchor. This is where you need three people to work together. One person will be driving the boat very slowly, while the other two crew members will pull both ends of the net. One will pull the float line and the other will pull the lead line in at the same time. As you pull in the net you will want to stack the net in one big section of the boat, make sure that the net wont get tangled up, so when you want to set your net out the next time. That’s why keeping your net organized is a very good idea, or else you will have some problems with the net being tangled. Then make your way to the beach collecting all of your net, until you reach your last anchor. This is how we survive throughout the whole year. I think it is all worth the work you put into your fish.

-Josh D

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